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   Tumble Creek Farm 

Home to Beautiful Bluefaced Leicesters


Located in sunny Central Oregon on the dry side of the Cascade Mountains, we raise award-winning Bluefaced Leicesters from domestic and UK bloodlines via LAI (laproscopic artificial insemination). Lovely fleeces and roving in white and natural colored shades of gray are available throughout the year. Our flock is Certified Scrapie-free, Export Certified, OPP tested negative, and the entire flock has been Codon 171 tested. Put one of our RR rams to work in your flock.

 Bluefaced Leicester sires are prized for their contributions to the commercial flock. These crossbred lambs will show an increased length of loin and lean growth, prolificacy and milkability, plus greatly improved fleece quality. The Bluefaced Leicester ewes are selected for maternal competence, productivity, disease and parasite resistance. The handspinner with a fiber-producing flock using BFL genetics will be rewarded with fleeces that have outstanding softness and handle, staple length and luster, drape in knitted items and weavings, fantastic felt, and vividly dyed fiber. Tumble Creek Farm welcomes visitors to the studio, barn and pastures. We have been at our present location since 2005 improving our pasture while enjoying the view of the Cascade Mountains. We have been located in Central Oregon since 1996 raising this beautiful breed of sheep.

Our sheep are currently working on farms in Canada, Alaska and across the United States. Reserve your flock today and see what the Blues can do for you.